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Russian Hair color 5.30

Russian hair that has never been chemically treated, siliconized or permanent. This product is human hair in the highest quality form. These hair have the life of 2-3 years and with good care up to 5 years. It's an investment that pays off.

With our hair, you can't start to get hairy or otherwise degrade over time, because it's a real human product and your hair behaves like yours.

High quality Italian keratin of the highest hardness was used for the tips.

Russian Hair color 5.30

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    We are a company that imports products directly from manufacturers. European hair is exclusively purchased directly from the donor in our salons. We have our own hair processing factory in Slovakia, so with us you do not pay surcharges for other warehouses, expensive salons or intermediaries that take goods from the Czech Republic, Poland and other European countries. We have the honor to work directly with one of the leading hair manufacturers in Eastern Europe. We bring their products to Slovakia under the EZ Hair brand. We give a guarantee for all our products.

    The quality we are proud of.