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professional training

Accredited hair extension training


We try to provide excellent service. We have enough experience to be able to declare that the training we do is the most comprehensive training you can get. We train not only in hair extensions, but we also point out the risks of hair extensions and how to prevent them.


All-day training by Zuzana Muránska (extension specialist):

  • an explanation of the harmfulness, that is, what cannot and cannot be done

  • ideal layout, hair extension system

  • problem customers

  • the difference in applying extensions for dense and sparse hair

  • modification of joints

  • ideal hair you should use for extension

  • joints, joint selection, joint closure, joint assembly

  • hair extensions applications and removal of hair extensions

  • final cut, hair styling


For training you get:

  • 400 pcs of joints (worth 28E)

  • 10 g keratin to modify the broken joint (12E)

  • set of stainless steel pliers (59E)

  • hot pliers for remodelling joints or keratin extensions (45E)


Cost of training: 449 Eur / 1 person


Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us.

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